Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The best part of me

Today's blog post is a little story and a massive shout out to some people who are entirely over qualified to be my friends. I will use initials or nicknames in case you don't want the general public to know that you know me.

About a week ago, my mom called me. (Shout out number 1)! She was at the home of some people she knew that used to be neighbors of hers. They had moved and the place they had moved to was burning to the ground. I do not know how she stood there and comforted those people and had the presence of mind to start making calls to have their things replaced, but she did. I could hear the house growling and blazing in the background and I could hear the woman shakily answering questions and the children crying in the background. One of the worst noises were the clipped quiet one-word answers that the dad was giving. But mom was able to get clothing size information and the ages of the children out so that collections could start coming in.

The post went up on Facebook and my friends immediately responded. None of my friends have ever met these people, but they stepped up and helped out. My other “Lady T” (Shout out number 2)! started a cash collection at work and went through her basement to see if she might have any clothes left over from when her son was the age of the little boy. Before she gave me the donation envelope, she opened up her own wallet and put her own money into the envelope too. She took the time to send out a work-wide e-mail to gather donations! I don't know the people she works with but they all donated and I am so grateful for their thoughtfulness. She also contacted her sister in Oklahoma and I understand she is also sending out a box! (Shout out number 3)! Then I went to PeeWee's house (Shout out number 4)! this past week because she was having surgery. However before she had her procedure done, she took the time to go through her closet and get out things that she had bought and never worn. She is the same size as the mother from the house fire and she collected everything she had that still had a tag on it. That was a big help. I was given this lady's measurements, and not many people I know are that small, but Ms. PeeWee answered perfectly to the size!

I called my cute Sexy Face friend in town (Shout out number 5)! and she went through boxes of things that her daughters had worn. She has an older daughter and two very young ones who's sizes are almost perfect for the little girl who lost her home. She even offered to bring them to me, but she was already doing plenty. I know she dug through several boxes to find clothes to fit this little girl and she also found a coat for her and some other things that I just take for granted, but Sexy Face knew they would be needed. Then my friend from Tennessee who has put up with me for 20 years called me, (Shout out number 6)! This woman didn't stop with clothes, she has collected small appliances and house wares for these people! I couldn't believe it when she said she had a microwave, coffee maker and toaster oven for them. (I believe they are moving back into my mother's neighborhood, so yes, they will have a place to keep this stuff). She has clothes for both of the children and toys! I was so relieved over the toys, because kids don't understand why they don't have their toys anymore and why toys aren't up on mom and dad's top priority list. She has basically gone through and found just about everything she could think of that this family might need. If she had a double of it, it was given away to this family!

I have rarely run across this kind of widespread generosity. To think that I know these wonderful, giving people is truly a humbling experience. Some of us have plenty, some of us have very little, but everyone gave what they could and that is huge. To know that my friends took the time and initiative to go through boxes and basements, to collect donations, to comfort people when that had to be the one time I would want to run away... to know this about the people I love is life altering. I knew I had a habit of making friends with good people, but I never imagined such wonderful people would allow me to be a part of their lives. I am truly grateful to all of you and I am proud to know every single one of you.

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