Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Twilight Zone or The Fugue State

You are now entering the fugue state..

I got a kidney stone along with a UTI. The laughs never stop around here. I went to the doctor and she was very helpful and nice and gave me some sort of antibiotic from hell called Alvogen and a narcotic pain- killer for my kidney.  I remember leaving the doctors office and filling both prescriptions at the pharmacy, and I remember coming home and taking both pills. That's where my stream of consciousness ends for the last few days.

My friend was at my house and I was telling her a very funny story about a conversation I overheard while at the pharmacy. We laughed because I am a very funny person. I mentioned to her that I felt ridiculously tired. She asked if I had taken any new medication. I told her I had the painkillers but I hadn’t taken any that day nor the day before and other than that, the antibiotic was the only other new medicine I had taken. She told me some antibiotics can make a person sleepy. I had never heard of such a thing, but to humor her, I grabbed the bottle and read the warning label on the side. “May Cause Drowsiness: Use Care When Operating A Car or Dangerous Machinery”.                               You don’t say!

Seriously, I have never been this groggy, this sedated in my life. I mean I have a lot of health problems and am frequently on medication, even strong pain medication. But the pain- killer I was prescribed was only 5mg and as bad as it sounds, I have a tolerance to much stronger pain medication than that. Even if I hadn't taken the narcotic along with this stuporous antibiotic, I still wouldn't have considered the pain medicine as the source of my extreme lethargy. So, whatever was in this antibiotic it was strong enough to fell a horse. I am losing hours, dare I say days, to this damn medication. So for the next few days I will probably be out of commission. Just another typical day in the fugue state.

I have lost touch with friends and family. It's been nearly twenty-four hours since I was on Facebook. I have slept an entire day away while my editing department was sweetly buying and setting up a Valentines day surprise for me. My dog no longer recognizes me. I would try to do something about all of this, but honestly, I need a nap.

Oh, the funny story: While at the pharmacy, I was at the photo kiosk printing some pictures. The soda coolers are right next to this kiosk and a young man came in and looked through the soda selections for a minute before beeping on his walkie-talkie device. He called an unseen buddy and told him that there was no root beer and no cherry coke, so what did he want. The gentleman on the other end, without missing a beat replied “I WANT answers. I want to know WHY I cant have a root beer or a cherry coke. I WANT to know why they don't have these things.”

Now for a nap and once again, thank you for visiting the fugue state!

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