Sunday, February 11, 2018

To Good Dogs Everywhere

Today was a sad day in the Ward\Ledford household. We buried someone’s dog.

While Richy and a friend of ours were out going to the pharmacy today, they ran upon a small dog, a terrier breed possibly, running around in a bank parking lot and getting dangerously close to the main road. The two of them tried for what seemed like forever trying to get the little dog to come to them. They fed it bits of chicken sandwich and tantalized it with anything they could think of, all to no avail. Eventually they had to give up and carry on mainly because their efforts were scaring the little girl closer to a dangerous thoroughfare.

A small time later, as they finished shopping at the nearby Dollar Tree and pulled out onto the busy road, they spotted what Richy hoped was a trash bag lying on the pavement. He asked my friend to pull over quickly, knowing that this was no garbage bag, but in fact, was the little dog they had tried to save just a short time ago.

Two other people pulled over to help by this time. One, a nurse, checked for the dog’s pulse, but it was only faint. Richy held the sweet little girl puppy in his arms as she bled and her heart beat its last three beats. She died in his arms.

The man who hit her sped off after hitting her. He didn't even check to see if she was hurt.

Richy couldn't just leave her there on the side of the road. He told the ladies that stopped that he would bring her home and bury her. They put her in a crate and Richy drove her to our home.

Richy dug a deep grave while I wrapped the little body of the dog, who we affectionately named Zero. We lined the grave with mulch and laid Zero, wrapped warm in her towel in her final resting place. We laid some Blue Juniper evergreen over her and and we returned her to the earth. We placed a large stone marking her grave and we planted some Creeping Sedum, Tiger Lily bulbs and Daffodils in the soil covering her.  As long as we live here, she will always have flowers on her grave.

So, here's to all the dogs. Thank you loyal friends for all of the puppy kisses and cold, wet noses. You, our best friends, our fur kids, our babies, deserve treats everyday for putting up with us flawed humans. Our species does not deserve your species’ love and affection. Yours is truly an unconditional love that humans just cannot replicate. And even when humans are unbelievably cruel to you, you forgive. Zero, this is for you buddy. I'm sorry your life was cut so short. It seems that you probably had a nice life, and I hope you did. You will be missed.  

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