Monday, March 5, 2018

Gimli the Giant

Today's blog is dedicated to a most faithful companion, a distinguished friend, and soldier through life. This honor belongs to one, Gimli; a black miniature schnauzer with the personality of a giant. He was my mother’s best friend and consistent love for the last fifteen years. Gimli crossed into his next big adventure on Sunday at about ten in the morning. He was surrounded by all the love and gratitude anyone, person or fur-person, could ever ask for.

There isnt much to say, after all, Gimli was stoic and silent most of his dignified life. So I thought I would let pictures of this amazing friend tell his story.

Gimli, you were a giant among us.

Now those words, those shouts and that face faded away, far away, until they were lost in the wind... Now he saw before himself a limitless plain, a flower-filled meadow, and he heard a dog barking, but this was not the dark howling of Cererus the watchdog - it was Peritas! He was running toward him, mad with joy just like the day when he had returned from exile, and then across the endless prairie came a thunderous gallop and suddenly an echoing neigh. It was Bucephalus running toward him with his mane blowing in the wind, and he climed astride him just as he had done that day in Mieza. And he shouted, "Go, Bucephalus!" And the steed set off, like some burning Pegasus, in a reckless gallop toward the final horizon, toward the infinite light.

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