Monday, April 2, 2018

Rage Against the Machine

Today's blog isn't funny, and I apologize, but I must rant for a minute. So, if you know me in real life, you know that I am not wealthy or even remotely anything more than broke most of the time. I got sick, which left me with no choice but to go on disability. You don't make any money on disability, I can promise you that. As a result, my car, which is broken, is still broken because I haven't got $1,500 to sink into it. As a result of not having a car right now, my Richy is facing problems at work. This pisses me off.

Richy has a Bachelor's degree and a Master’s degree, so no one can claim that we are struggling due to a lack of education. He chooses to work as a mason on restorations because he makes more money doing that than he would teaching college courses. However, the company he works for is penalizing him for not having a car. They won’t give him a raise or promote him since he doesn't have a car. I am so angry about this that I could spit nails.

Through no fault of his own, he is being penalized for lacking transportation. Well, God bless America! Is this really what this country is about? Is this where we are now?    There is no way to hurry this car repair process along without getting more money, i.e. a raise, however, he cant have a raise because he needs a car! He depends on his own two legs to get to work. This is a literal-Catch’22! I’m not making this up, this man WALKS to work every single day or walks to a bus stop to get to jobs farther afield. He never, and I mean never calls in. He had a hematoma in his leg that was so painful the doctor put him in a boot and gave him pain meds to help with the pain (It didnt really help much. We found that 800 miligram ibuprophen worked better). He walked to work every day except one that I forced him to call in because his leg was so swollen and sore that he could hardly put pressure on his leg. No, I was not going to let him climb scaffolding all day with a leg that couldnt bear weight. Call me crazy, but that seemed like a bad idea.

No one cared. No one bothered to ask “Hey, could you use a ride to work?”  He just did what he had to do and never asked for anything. But now… now he cant even get a raise to help him get to work. And no, I dont think anyone owes us a thing for our situation but when Richy is the only- ONLY person to pass a drug test when they tested a large portion of the company, and the only person not to call in on a regular basis, when he has to fix the errors of the “Master Masons” who make double what he does… Yes, I beilieve he is owed something for that. But he doesnt have a car, so he doesnt deserve what he has worked for. God, I’m angry right now.

I won’t continue this rant any longer, but I had to get it out. I will only say this, and its something my daughter said; it costs a lot of money to be poor. This man is a vet of both the Air Force and the Army. He was shot in Bosnia. He has a purple heart. He has two degrees. He can’t afford a car repair and therefore is not deserving of compensation for his hard work and time. I could choke the life out of his boss. I really am seeing red right now. I’m half of a mind to get his bosses number and call him and chew him a new ass-hole. Not that that would help, and would probably only make things worse, but it would make me feel a hell of a lot better. Just knowing someone out there is walking around with two anuses, partly because of my masticulaory skills, brings a smile to my face.

Okay, rant over. I’m out, but I never want to hear that hard work and determination will get you ahead in life…..EVER!!

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