Friday, September 27, 2013

Creepin' wit' my boyz

Yo, yo, yo! What up, homies? I bes with my boyeez tonight. A shout out to Keli and Robin, my peeps from the crib. We fo'shizzle bonded tonight while chillin' at the mall and spendin' some cheddar for homecoming. Robin is fly like a G6 and rocked the purple label (well, at least the purple shirt). He's dressed up to the nines and Keli lookin' flawless mafioso in a silver satin shirt and purple satin tie; hell yeah playahs! Fo' shizzle my nizzle, they be lookin' fine! We got to the hizzle and they sported their swag and mamma was like “ya'll be sick”! They gonna swing it up the dance floor. While we were cruisin' the racks, we didn't even need an umbrella fo' drizzle (as it didn't rain). It only took a couple make a deal, then we spent the green like it don't mean nothin' and holla'd back at the hottie runnin' the register-izzle.

Then my man Keli was straight trippin'. He's all “yo, we need some grub bizatch”. And I'm all, “Oh no you di'n. I ain't down wit' that homeslice” and Robin's all “man, I want some Chinese!” and so I was like “dude, that's a win”. So we hit the gas for the King Buffet and threw down on some phat lo mein. They had some bitchin' pepper shrimp and the egg rolls were hella good! The fried rice was all on, man and we were straight hopped up on the sauteed mushrooms. But, for real yo, they were straight trippin' with those stale wontons. I was all like that ain't cool bro. I ain't mad atchya, but that ain't dope, you know? Straight up though, we shut the room down! We tipped the Asian honeys and rolled out da club (restaurant).

But dawgs, ya'll gotta know while we creepin' the strip, Robin threw down some mad beats. Keli chilled in the back with some earbuds and his own tunes, but Robin and I tore it up! We seat danced to everything. My main man, JT brought sexy back, and we raised several roofs and bobbed our heads and tore up the night. I twerked in the driver's seat and got retarded up in the Caddy (Mazda). He rocked it with Tenacious D and we both knew that Ursher had the voice that made our booty go – uh.

So man, hangin' with my peeps really made me realize how down they are and I think I straight up got that bond man. Like that deep love that gets you in the feels. We tight now. I'm pretty sure they think I'm the shiznit now and I've totally got this thug life down. Imma roll out for now, but I catch you later, cutie! Stay bitchin'! (That's good).

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