Friday, October 4, 2013

I'll Be There For You

Due to the migraine headache that I have had for the past six days, I had to go to the doctor and get a shot of something that made me feel like I was walking around on the moon without a space suit. As a result of that, I have been in a puddle on the couch feebly pushing remote control buttons and I have landed on Friends. I forgot how great this show was! I have all ten seasons thanks to my friend, Kandi, and I have started at the beginning and I'm nearly done with season two. It's so funny to realize I say things and make gestures because of this show. You know: “Oh. My. God.” or how I pepper sentences with “you know”. I think I make facial expressions like Chandler. I never knew that until I started watching ridiculous amounts of Friends back to back. Did one show really influence my life so much? Well, I had the Rachael haircut. And I tend to pronounce “really” as “reeeelly”. I have lived with the delusion that I am a funny, unique individual with quirky speech patterns. They aren't conscious efforts at speech, I just assumed I was reeeeeelly clever. Turns out my entire repertoire of social interaction is a spin off of a ten year long script that everyone has already heard.

Then I keep looking at the clothes. Do you remember when jeans came all the way up to your belly button? I had forgotten, but in the first seasons, all the girls wear 'mom jeans'. I hadn't even realized how low slung jeans had gotten these days. I think the waist-lines just kept creeping further and further down our hips until everyone could see our thongs and now they seem to have reached a plateau. You know what else I noticed about the clothes? And I love this part; all the clothes were in neutrals and earth tones. I always love wearing chocolate brown, grey, cream, and sand colors. We seem to have made a return to the 80's and we are all wearing bright colors that look like they have been accidentally dropped in acid waste. Just as a note, I look horrible in neon colors. But in the 90's I was so comfortable. Even the vibrant colors were earth tones and colors found in nature. Oh! And wearing super baggy clothes was cute. You know, Rachel walks out in huge plaid pajama pants and a t-shirt three sizes too big for her and it's so adorable. You weren't forced to parade around in skin tight baby-doll tees, they actually had big, sloppy t-shirts that were sold and marketed for women. Today, if I want a shirt like that, I have to shop in the men's section. I miss baggy grey sweatshirts, jeans that didn't show my panties and big brown cable-knit sweaters and those big loose, sheer layers like Phoebe always wears. Wide legged pant suits with long, knee length flowing suit jackets and everyone woman at any party wearing almost the same – but not quite – little black dress.

I have to agree with today's lower rise jeans, those mom jeans tended to ride up a bit, so hip-huggers are just fine with me. I did have to spend $122.00 to get plain grey running shoes instead of neon pink trainers with lime green stitching and acid orange logos splashed all over it; so that's obnoxious, but, you know, you do what you have to. It's just been fun to go back and see that in the 90's we did have our own fashion look, our own slang, and our own defining TV shows.

After reading back through this, I want to apologize to those of you who realize that I am still high on that stuff that was in the needle from the doctor. I realize this has been a ramble about nothing and had I not signed up to write every single day, I would not have inflicted today's post on anyone.

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