Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sticking with it

Hello adoring fans! (mom). Yesterday I said for the month of October, I would be trying something every day that I have never done before. For the first day of October I thought I had found a new source of almonds. As it turns out, my research department, Kandi Kirk, googled what I had put in my mouth and found out it was cyanide. Peach seeds are filled with cyanide. So, actually on the first of October, I tried cyanide. It isn't good. I didn't enjoy it at all.

I was at a loss about what to do today. I mean, how do you top cyanide? That's really a show-offy way to start the month. Then while cruising through my Kindle literature I ran across my copy of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Idiot. I have never read Dostoyevsky based on the fact that I'm not sure I can pronounce his name. It's kind of like food ingredients, you know, "If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it". Well I had always avoided Dostoyevsky backed by that theory, but the title The Idiot appealed to me. I am a slapstick and crude humor kind of girl, so because I adore my old literature and this was a title after my own heart, I couldn't resist reading something entitled The Idiot. I must discover who this idiot is and what makes him an idiot. So, I brought it up, and I'm reading it. Guess what? It isn't hard to read at all! Really! Some of the people's names make my tongue move in ways it's never had to before, but otherwise it's just a story, like Dickens or Twain. It's really a nice read. I think I'll keep this up.

Also, today, I did a second new thing РI'm an over achiever like that РI signed up to write a blog entry every day with a writing group. I'm not sure how it works yet. I just closed my eyes and jumped in. I might be doing it wrong, but I'm doing it! Bonus, I don't have to leave my house for either of these projects which means I am constantly in touch with Diet Coke and rash cr̬me (yesterday's issue is still an issue); and I don't have to go outside and let nature get all over me or touch bugs or anything.

Also, because I am just this cool I promised a friend of mine to walk every single day, every day without weekends off in support of his suicide awareness program. I have to do this EVERY DAY. I would just like to reiterate, I can't take the weekends off, which may cause me to become uncomfortably healthy and make me lose weight and I already lose enough stuff. So I am going to have a productive October; trying new things that don't involve a lot of planning and walking every single 31 days of this terribly long month. Oooh! One thing I want to do (I realized this as I was walking up and down our road today) is to get one of those huge rubber bouncy balls with the handles and bounce down the road one whole time! Wouldn't that be great? I don't know if they even sell those anymore, but I need to find out!

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